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Bonfire Round Up 2022

Congratulations to all involved in making our Bonfire such a success in so many ways.

From a fundraising point of view, we have had a real win and can look forward to embarking on the P&C’s next major project somewhat sooner than we had anticipated. Although finances are still being finalised it looks likely that we will have raised as much as $15, 000!

From a community point of view, I feel we can also say we have had a great win. Our ambition was to just get Bonfire up and running again after two years of cancellations. I think we can safely say we achieved this goal and a bit more. We have received lots of positive feedback about our event. Although the waiting time in lines to access food and rides was longer than we would have liked, there wasn’t much we could do to resolve this. Volunteers at all stalls were doing everything they could.

From a P&C perspective we also feel the Bonfire has demonstrated to new members of the Rous Public School Community what we are capable of when we come together as team. This is an aspect of Bonfire that is highly significant. While the P&C take responsibility for much of the organisation, the event itself relies on the wholehearted support of families and staff. Bonfire demonstrates what is so important to all aspects of our school community, and that is the capacity to collaborate to achieve the best possible outcomes for kids.

There are so many to thank that it is impractical to list them all here. We will be sending out certificates of appreciation to those businesses and community organisations who donated so generously to a variety of stalls.

However, this newsletter allows me the opportunity to thank the magnificent staff of Rous Public School for the time and energy they have put into this event. This includes not just on the evening, but in the lead up to, and clean-up of Bonfire. I know some members of our community will have insight into the tremendous amount of work that Jo Bate does behind the scenes to make Bonfire possible, but I think it should be known that without her efforts we struggle to make it happen. Her wisdom and tenacity are essential.

All our teaching staff (be they new to Rous, or the more familiar Bonfire veterans) have generously donated their time and good will. After working all week teaching our children, they then set up, work at, and pack up Bonfire, just in time to return to another week of teaching our children. We are so fortunate to have you all.

Our P&C also deserve recognition for their hard work. These leaders certainly know how to take on responsibility and see a job through. They are a marvellous example of effective collaboration, and a group who I feel very privileged to be part of.

Pat Byrnes


A History of Our Bonfire.

“What better way to get rid of all those dropped branches and prunings collected during a working bee than with a bonfire! And given that there were a few families involved, why not BBQ a few sausages and make an evening of it?”

Based on recounts I’ve heard this is how our Bonfire evening originated. Although it has evolved into a much more substantial occasion since the first one back in 1980, it still operates in a manner true to its origins….. a community BBQ and Bonfire. I can’t say whether fireworks were involved in the original, but they are definitely a significant attraction at our current event.

Part of the Bonfire’s evolution has led to it being a valuable fundraiser for us. And based on conversations with people in P&C’s from other schools, an enviable one at that. The fact that we have just the one event, where we rely on all the community pitching in, sets us apart from other schools. As does the money raised per student, which of course is what the funds ultimately go towards, providing resources for all our kids.


P&C Committee 2021

President Pat Byrnes
Vice President Paul Towner
Secretary Bronwyn Wade
Assistant Secretary Veronica Silver
Treasurer Pat Gillett